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QAHow is the 1913 Lindlahr “Nature Cure” being used today, 100 years later?”  

Lindlahr's Nature Cure is the first and only comprehensive statement of naturopathic clinical philosophy. Now 100 years old, Lindlahr's text (and many of his publications) is the classic, foundational text for naturopathic medical education curricula. The text is used in CNME’s accredited naturopathic programs and in other schools in Canada and the United States.  Nature Cure is used today as a textbook, either in whole or in excerpt, in naturopathic philosophy and clinical theory classes.  It is also being used as the core foundational reference by the Foundations Project as we construct a modern textbook to replace it. Lindlahr's seminal text, although dated, is also a standard text for related training in chiropractic schools, and is used in mainstream allopathic schools interested in CAM. 

How will this new publication change the industry?

This new publication is not only the first comprehensive updating of key disciplines in Naturopathic medicine since Lindlahr, it is a dynamic vehicle for codifying the knowledge of a profession which is rapidly taking shape in the primary healthcare landscape in North America.  All primary care practitioners will use the text as a resource, whether their context is naturopathic or allopathic, since their purpose in its utilization will be currency, quality, credibility, and access. 

This textbook will also provide a common reference point for the naturopathic profession, both in education, clinical practice, and policy making.  It will provide more cohesion and agreement as well as develop the common language and definition of all aspects of naturopathic medicine.

Where will this be used?

This text will find an audience in six areas ranging from schools and policy making venues, to individual practitioners. First, naturopathic medical students will treat it as foundational, not only in their first professional degree studies (the ND degree), but also in continuing medical education; this will also be true of other primary health care practitioners seeking core curriculum and reference material in CAM. This text will also be part of the reference collection in integrated medical collections in the 800+ serious medical libraries in North America. Finally, other CAM professional groups such as traditional osteopaths, chiropractors, holistic nutritionists, integrative and holistic medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and public and community health care students and practitioners, policy makers, industry and others, will seek information and support from this text.

Will this be an every day text book for the colleges to use?

We expect it to be an everyday and required textbook, covering curriculum across all four years, and be the most commonly used textbook in Naturopathic medicine and its medical colleges internationally. Our contributors come from six countries. This will be a pragmatic compendium with massive scope for day to day clinical use and reference.

How will it benefit physicians already practicing?

This text will be immensely valuable for practicing primary care physicians as a thorough, updated source for naturopathic modalities and as a clear statement and model for those keen to understand what their patients are asking about regarding holistic and naturopathic care. As practicing physicians, naturopathic doctors make daily references to several texts as they ponder difficult cases.  This would be one of the books we expect physicians and naturopathic doctors to refer to as we have no other modern equivalent. 

How will this encourage new students to be interested in the naturopathic field?

The comprehensive nature of this reference/text/scholarly compendium will attract serious students of Naturopathic medicine.  It will be cited and relied on in ancillary discussions of emerging medical fields interested in natural medicine.  It will also draw students/practitioners from the reductionist framework to a more holistic framework of medical studies.

How does one answer the questions, “What is Naturopathic medicine?”, "How do naturopathic physicians approach particular health problems?", “How do naturopathic physicians think?”, and “How is naturopathic medicine different from or similar to other forms of medicine?"  This book will give us, for the first time, a profession-wide answer.  We will all be on the same page for the first time.  The book is being written by approximately 300 of the most experienced and recognized naturopathic physicians and teachers internationally, who, through this book, are creating agreement about the medicine in well-thought and well developed statements, as well as recognizing areas and parameters in which controversy exists. 

How large will the final text book be?

The projected size is approximately 1200 pages.  The publisher is currently planning to design and distribute the book as a companion text, in similar size and format, to the Pizzorno's two volume Textbook of Natural Medicine series (the best selling complementary and alternative medicine textbook on the market today). In many ways it will resemble Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine, a four volume textbook with 450 contributors and multiple editors.

Will the symposiums every five years include a trade show to attend for those that contribute monetarily?

This is an entirely feasible feature of the five year symposia. It would be an excellent venue for celebrating the sponsors and soliciting their input and guidance regarding how the industry can further support Naturopathic medicine. 

Who will attend these symposiums?

These symposia will be attended by scholars, teachers, clinicians, researchers, policy analysts, government officials, students, allied health care scholars and practitioners from six countries.

Will there be credits for attending physicians?

CME credits for participation are not assured, but highly likely, depending on the volition and support of key regulatory bodies.  There is every intention to seek this endorsement.

How will this textbook be used in promoting Primary Natural Health Care in the U.S., and how will this aid in implementing Primary Natural Health Care in the current medical field?

The textbook will clearly promote Naturopathic medicine as a primary care discipline in various ways, including an entire section called “naturopathic primary care”.  It is expected to be the principle resource to inform standard medicine and national policy makers about Naturopathic medicine. The ubiquitous use and pervasive nature of the use of this text will go far in promoting primary natural health care in North America (U.S.A. and Canada), and ultimately in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.  It will be part of every naturopathic integrative, complementary, and alternative practitioner's educational experience, as well as every serious medical collection found in global libraries.

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