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Now is the time when naturopathic professionals can come together to create a powerful tool that will set Naturopathic medicine in its rightful place as a leader in health care, health promotion, and the prevention of disease. The objective of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project (Foundations Project) is to codify the knowledge that makes Naturopathic medicine unique and to produce a textbook that will solidify the professional standard and presence of Naturopathic medicine in North America and the world. The projectís academic home is National College of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon, North Americaís oldest, accredited college of Naturopathic medicine. Over 300 participants from 12 countries including representatives from all of the naturopathic colleges in the United States, two naturopathic Canadian colleges, and Southern Cross University in Australia are already working together on the project and textbook. Elsevier is poised to publish and internationally distribute the final product in 2014. Without the vision, heart, and commitment of the naturopathic professionals who are contributing their time and knowledge to this project, this work would not be possible.

As a Naturopathic medicine scholar, practitioner, advocate, or consumer we invite you to join us in this landmark effort by financially supporting the Foundations Project and providing the funds necessary to cover costs related to convening and managing editors, contributors, and synthesis team; developing and overseeing the virtual platform created for author dialogue and collaborative writing; planning and producing Symposia; and creating the final text.

As a Friend of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project you will be recognized as one of the visionary sponsors who brought together an extraordinary group of naturopathic scholars, physicians, leaders, and key experts from around the world to create the first international medical textbook on the philosophy, principles and practice of Naturopathic medicine in a century.

Your name will be listed in the final text as a Friend of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project so all who read and reference the text (students, faculty, health care professionals, research scientists, industry leaders and policymakers world wide) will know of your contribution and commitment to Naturopathic medicine.

Help us capture the HEART of Naturopathic medicine.

Your contribution today will powerfully influence health care for years to come!


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